by Greg Moody


(Greg Moody is a 46 Year Veteran of TV News Who Has Been Gardening with his Simian Companion, Mr. Bitterman, as well as Bitterman’s Assistants, Furious George and Young Otis Gumpox, since 2010. He began writing of their adventures together in 2016.)

​It has been interesting.
After a relatively dry winter, at least by what I consider a dry winter, March and April have been dumping on us pretty good, every other week.


Good Lottery numbers, lousy temperatures.

Essentially, between the storms, we’ve been working on the soil, building compost out of…

Greg Moody

A forty+ year veteran of TV entertainment news, Greg Moody has worked in radio, TV and newspapers across the country. He is the author of five novels & 2 plays.

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